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Aligning Mirrors MIRA

In this step-by-step video series, Aeon Laser USA President, Danny Martinez, will guide you through the process of aligning your mirrors. 

📌 Note: More often than not the lasers will retain the alignment done at Aeon Laser USA. If you're got your laser, it is highly recommended that you simply follow the alignment video without making any adjustments. If you feel that something is off, please email support with the photos of each individual burn mark labeled as follows (M1N, M1F, M2N, M2F, M3 UP, M3 DOWN, M3 Target). Our Support Team will be able to compare them to the photos we took prior to shipping.

Beam Logic Explained

Aligning Mirror 1

Aligning Mirror 2

Aligning Mirror 3

Updated on 12 Oct 2023