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Cleaning Exhaust System MIRA


Cleaning the Exhaust System routinely will ensure proper airflow and maximum efficiency.


Every 6 Months

exhaust fan
MIRA exhaust fans

To Clean

  1. Using a bottle brush, clean the Internal Fan to ensure that it is running efficiently. The Internal Fan is located at the back of the machine. Clean the Internal Fan quarterly or as needed to ensure that it is running efficiently.
    • MIRA 5: For the MIRA5 you will not be able to clean the internal fan so continue to the next step
    • MIRA 7: The MIRA 7 fan blades are located perpendicular to the opening, within the machine cabinet. Bend the top of the bottle brush so it is at an angle, insert it into the fan opening and turn to clean the blades.
      bent bottle brush and MIRA 7 fan
      Bent bottle brush and MIRA 7 fan
    • MIRA 9: Using a bottle brush, throughly clean the fan blades.
      bottle brush and MIRA 9 fan
      Bottle brush and MIRA 9 fan
  2. Unhook the duct hose and clean it out.
  3. Check the duct hose for any holes or damage.
  4. Ensure that the duct hose and external fan are properly connected and sealed.


  • For optimal airflow ensure that the machine is positioned as close to the air duct as possible so that the exhaust hose is as short as possible.
  • Keep any turns in the exhaust hose to a minimum.
  • You may need to include an external fan to increase airflow to your machine.

Updated on 14 Jan 2024