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Laser Delivery

Inspecting the Crate

Upon arrival, while the delivery driver is still present, inspect all four sides along with the lid of the crate for any visible damage.

Note: Pay particular attention to any rectangular shaped puncture holes and signs of any panels separating at the seams.

Check for these indications of rough handling:

  1. The ShockWatch indicator on the front of the crate is red. 
Shock Indicator sticker
Shock Indicator

Reporting Damage

❗️IMPORTANT❗️If signs of rough handling or visible damage are present, DO NOT REFUSE THE SHIPMENT. Here is what to do:

  1. Take plenty of photos.
  2. Have the driver note the damage on the bill of lading (BOL) before he or she leaves.
  3. Fill out a Support Ticket Request with photos and a detailed description of the damage.

Note: The delivery driver does not have to remain present for further inspection. You have a 14 day window to report any concealed damage to Aeon Laser USA, which can then be used to make a claim against the shipping company.

Note: If you are not going to setup your machine right away, please keep in mind that neither Aeon Laser USA, nor the shipping company can be held responsible for any concealed damage reported beyond 14 days. It is recommended that you at least uncrate and unpack it.


Updated on 22 May 2023