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Lifting your MIRA onto a Stand or Workbench

Read through these guidelines fully before attempting to move or lift the machine onto a stand or workbench.

Disclaimer: These are suggestions. AEON Laser USA is not responsible for any damage or injury that may occur from moving the machine.

What you need

  • Four healthy and reasonably fit people
  • Level
  • Adjustable wrench
  1. Recruit four healthy and reasonably fit people to help lift the machine onto a workbench or the optional stand.
  2. Position the workbench or stand near ventilation and a 110v/60Hz standard outlet.

    ⚠️CAUTION ⚠️ Do not use an extension cord. The amount of current your laser draws can easily overload an extension cord.

  3. Make sure your stand or workbench is secure and in place. If setting it onto the optional stand, set the brakes on all 4 wheels.
    wheels, locked
    Wheels, locked
  4. Position one person per corner, with the stronger two at the rear of the machine.

    ⚠️CAUTION ⚠️ DO NOT lift or apply any pressure on the laser tube extension.

  5. On the count of three, lift straight up as a team using only your leg and buttocks muscles. Once everyone is fully upright, a fifth person can quickly pull the base of the crate out of the way.

    ⚠️CAUTION ⚠️ To avoid injury, place your feet as close to the machine as possible, shoulder width apart, and confirm that everyone is in position and has a good grip on their corner. Before you count off, take a moment to make sure everyone is on the same page and knows exactly when to lift. As you lift, maintain your head and back upright, and keep your abdominal muscles tight.

  6. Take small side steps towards the stand or workbench, making sure to communicate with your teammates if your grip is slipping and you need a moment to readjust.
  7. If setting it onto a workbench, set down the rear rubber feet first and then quickly reposition those two people at the front of the machine to help pivot one side at a time, until all four feet are in position.
    If setting it onto the optional stand, ensure the rubber feet are positioned over the pre-made holes.

    ⚠️CAUTION ⚠️ Pushing instead of systematically pivoting the machine can cause damage to the rubber feet.

  8. While maintaining your head and back upright, begin to squat down simultaneously until all four rubber feet are in their respective holes and the base of the machine begins to make contact with the top of the stand.

    ⚠️CAUTION ⚠️ To avoid injury, do not release your corner until everyone confirms they have the rubber foot of their respected corner seated properly into their respected hole.

  9. Get a status update from your team to ensure no one's fingers are trapped between the base of the machine and the stand, before finally releasing the load together as a team.
  10. Roll the stand and machine together to its designated area.
  11. Lower the leveling feet on each corner by rotating them counter-clockwise.
  12. Use a level and an adjustable wrench to systematically adjust each of the leveling feet until the machine is perfectly level.

That's it!

Updated on 05 Dec 2023