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Aeon Laser USA

Laser Head Hardware Kit (MIRA)

Laser Head Hardware Kit (MIRA)

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Stock up on the hardware needed for the MIRA laser heads – so no more hunting for those lost bits!

Kit includes:

  • M1.6x4 bolts (x6) (used to hold the lens)
  • M1.6 nylon washers (x6) (used to hold the lens)
  • M1.6x5 (x4) (used to hold mirror 3)
  • M3x8 bolts (x4) (used to mount the mirror 3 housing)
  • M3x10 bolts (x4) (used to mount the laser head)
  • M3 washers and lock washers (x4/each)
  • BB (x2) 
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