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Aeon Laser USA

4" Lens Kit

4" Lens Kit

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  • Compatible with MIRA5, MIRA7, and MIRA9
  • Kit includes (1) engraved MIRA lens housing, (1) engraved MIRA extended nozzle, and (1) 18x101.6mm/4" lens
  • Items are presented in a black gift box with magnetic closure lid and foam inserts
  • Doubles the focal length from a standard 2" lens and assists with cutting thicker material

4" Lens Specs: 

CO2 Laser USA CVD ZnSe Meniscus Focus Lens

The high-quality ZnSe crystal has excellent optical properties with up to 200W CO2 laser resistance.

The double-sided solid coating reduces laser loss, with laser transmittance up to 99.8%

  • Diameter: 18mm
  • Diameter tolerance: +0/-0.1mm
  • Edge Thickness: 2mm
  • Focal Length: 101.6mm
  • Focal length tolerance: ±2%
  • Wavelength 10.6um
  • Power: 0-200W
  • Transmittance: 99.8%
  • Clear aperture (polished): > 90%
  • AR coating reflectivity: < 0.2%
  • Scratch-dig: 20-10
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